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What is Theragun massage?

(60-minute  £70)  

(90-minute  £100)


Thergun is a whisper-quiet, powerful massage device used to increase blood flow and flush out metabolic waste from your muscles with targeted deep-tissue massage.  


So why use Thereagun? For starters, Theragun is a completely natural alternative that allows you to feel better without medications, supplements, or stimulants. Theragun also puts you in charge of your own recovery. You can treat yourself wherever, whenever you’d like. 

Not just for serious athletes, Theragun was created to help everyday people find quick and lasting relief from everyday ailments. From treating knots and sore muscles to workout recovery, this device was designed with you in mind. 

How does Theragun work?

Theragun pioneered a revolutionary field of recovery known as percussive therapy (not to be confused with vibration therapy). This works by delivering a unique combination of targeted deep-tissue massage, at a high-speed frequency, with the ability to apply sufficient force to the area. 

Every Theragun reaches 16 mm (60% deeper than other massage guns) into your muscle, increasing circulation. This supports your body’s ability to repair and helps you feel better.

Each device touches and retracts away from the body 40 times per second (per second!), a precise calibration that distracts the brain away from pain while also delivering deep, effective treatment.

The powerful and deceptively quiet motor allows you to apply ample downward pressure to your muscles without causing damage, and without stalling out like other massage guns. 

Percussive therapy has many benefits beyond just immediate tension relief, including hydrating your muscle tissue, improving mobility, decreasing lactic acid, increasing blood flow, and decreasing muscle soreness and stiffness. 


 Theragun massage
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